Textbooks in Thai and English on Management, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Law, Telecommunications, Science and Technology and General subjects.


Journals are periodicals written by scholars and experts of a certain field. There exist two different kinds of journals:

  1. Scholarly journals contain research findings, profound articles and methodologies of a field; they are usually published by universities and other academic institutions, such as Harvard Business Review.
  2. Trade journals contain trends, standards and new technologies in the field. The language often contains jargon and special terminology of the field, such as Business Week, The Economist, Time. There are both in electronic and paper forms of journals in CMMU library.        


Magazines or popular periodicals are directed to the general public. They usually include more pictures, eye-catching headlines, advertisements and “entertainment articles” than journals. You can use magazines to find information or opinions about popular culture and current events. 

The magazines in CMMU library are as follows:

  • Brand Age
  • Business+ 
  • E-commerce
  • The Economist
  • Fortune
  • Marketeer
  • Time
  • การเงินการธนาคาร
  • ดอกเบี้ย
  • ผู้ส่งออก

Reference Collection

Contains reference publications in all the major areas of management, including company and industry directories, investment resources, encyclopedias, handbooks, annual reports, statistical sources and bibliographies.

Audio Visual Material 

The Audiovisual Collection contains a wide range of audio-visual material to support the research and study needs of staff and students. The CDs and DVDs can be played on Library PCs, and via personal laptops in the discussion rooms. Please contact librarian to use.          

Special Collection

We arrange Research Methodology, Entrepreneurship, Sufficiency Economy, and Buddhism collection on seperate shelf, their Call Number begin with H62 – 62.87, HD62.5, BQ4131, and HC445.S5  ... for easily search.

Thesis and Research

Theses or research papers (dissertations, master’s theses, licentiate’s theses) are good sources for recent research. Though they are produced by students, they are carefully reviewed by professors and other experts of the field, and thus are a reliable source. You can search Information about the CMMU theses in the library catalogue or check the titles list. 

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